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Imperium Elite is a competitive force in the direct marketing and sales industry. Our firm specializes in face-to-face customer service and consulting for some of the largest telecommunication companies in the world! Why do such large clients choose to work with Imperium Elite? We produce tangible results, have an impeccable work ethic, and fuel expansion opportunities into new markets!

Our culture at Imperium Elite is what makes us an award-winning local business. We are comprised of a wide collection of individuals from various backgrounds, educations, and personalities, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our team at Imperium Elite can be described as ambitious, professional, and perseverant.

Our representatives at Imperium Elite work hard to guarantee timely and quality results for our clients.
We specialize in team-building, leadership coaching, professional training, and goal-setting.
Whether it’s for our clients, company, or team members, we seek to develop all parties involved.


Imperium Elite plans and executes innovative marketing and sales campaigns to help clients hit their business goals. Through a professionally trained team and strategic customer acquisition methods, we unleash the potential of our client’s products and services.
Direct Marketing
Imperium Elite believes that the best way to market a product is through actual face-to-face contact with customers. Therefore, we provide a simpler and more effective way to do business: we build and maintain relationships, starting with a smile and a handshake!
Sales Consulting
On a daily basis, our professionally trained team of marketing and sales representatives provide one-on-one consulting to our clients' customers to ensure the best buying experience possible. After all, customers are the lifeline for our clients' growth!
Leadership Training
Our goal at Imperium Elite is to train entry level individuals into strong, competent leaders who “lead from the front.” Our Leadership Development Program is designed to help our team improve their professional skills in training, team-building, and coaching!
Travel Opportunities
We love Houston, but there's a whole big world waiting for us. Our clients provide us the opportunity to travel both nationally and internationally, which we love. Our team attends industry conferences, management seminars, and our favorite, a rest & relaxation weekend!

Growth Projections





Our Mission


mperium Elite’s mission is to operate with purpose and passion in all we do. To our clients, we look to offer increased value and loyalty to their brand. To our customers, we look to collaboratively improve their experience. And to our team members, we look to offer a growth-centric environment.

Our Goals


e pledge to: 1)Enthusiastically leverage and enhance our team’s skills while promoting personal employee growth, 2)Foster a competitive, yet cohesive team atmosphere, 3)Surpass expectations while maintaining the highest standards, and 4)Streamline growth opportunities both organically and internally.

Our Cause


ur organization’s “Just Cause” can also be described as a vision statement. It is more about where we want to go as a company. A cause that we are fighting for. Imperium Elite’s “Just Cause” is to relentlessly develop & equip leaders with the will & resources to build organizations fit for the infinite game.


You developed your product or service. Now, what do you do with it? The answer is to hire a professional firm like Imperium Elite. Utilize the strengths of your company and outsource the rest.
The most important thing for any business is to acquire new customers, yet it is often the most difficult. Don’t wait reactively for people to try your product/service. Hire a professional to proactively gain you new business.

At the heart of our business is our love for training and developing talent. Our suite of training programs covers everything including account management, negotiation, and retention!

Global Growth
You want your product/service rolled out to Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York, etc? There isn’t a single company you could find more eager or organized to coordinate your national expansion!

Our Team

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”
(African Proverb)
Adam McNally - CEO
Adam McNally
Chief Executive Officer
Michelle Petross
Assistant Manager
Valeria Cortez
Talent Acquisition Manager
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Ishaq Shinwari
Team Lead
In Loving Memory Of Priscilla DeLeon
“The loss is immeasurable, but so is the love left behind.”

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